Monday, December 27, 2010

A Quick, Why are you doing this post

Why: I don’t do much with my life and I am not that great at anything, but what I do consider myself quite knowledgeable on are TV and sports, so why not write about them and lessen the time I spend on my couch.

What to expect: This will not be a typical teenage blog, where I give you slices of my life and talk about the life of a teenager.  I will try to leave myself out of the picture as much as possible; the main things that will be discussed are television and sports.
I will try not to write like an English major Douche-Bag when I talk about TV. You know those guys always talking about themes that aren’t really there and why if you don’t like this show you just don’t get it, but as I learned through my first post it is hard to do that without just saying “This Show is Awesome”
I will also as write as if a lot of people are reading this, even though I know that are not.  I am not naïve; I know there are very few of you that are reading this but that is not fun for me.

Why not just get a Tumblr: I already waste enough time on facebook, don’t want a new way to waste an hour of my life.

How long will you do this: Not sure the first post I did was really fun for me, but I can see myself getting bored with this kind of quickly.  I think the over under for how many post I do before I quit is probably 8.5.

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